Donors Build a Village | Capital Campaign Project

It takes a village to create a community. In 2011, when Episcopal Homes had the opportunity to purchase the closing Porky’s restaurant, dreams of past Board members and previous conversations became a reality. This month we celebrated the conclusion of those dreams and many more conversations. In a celebration honoring and recognizing our donors, we unveiled an art piece which recognizes the donors who made our expansion possible.

Jim Johnson spoke about his wife, Lucy Jones, and his belief in the good work of Episcopal Homes and the deep roots of our values and quality. Alden Drew was recognized for his honoring of his mother with The Drew Room, “she served on the Church Home Board for 29 years.”

The donors listed on the wall helped build the physical structure; these donors and many others provide regular donations that help create the community that occurs within the walls of our physical community. “It is, and has been from our beginning, the caring, generous spirit of others that makes a difference!”


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