Life+ Fitness Center

The newest Fitness Center at Episcopal Homes of Minnesota features HUR Equipment with Smart Card Technology.


When it comes to older adults, muscular strength is directly connected to functional ability, balance control and managing everyday chores independently. According to research, the right type of muscle training helps maintain functional ability.


NuStep Bikes in Fitness Center

Our Equipment:

HUR’s Health and fitness strength equipment was designed in cooperation with different universities and leading physiology and biomechanics experts. This pneumatic air-resistance technology allows older adults to safely build their “Functional Fitness” by increasing and maintaining their ROM, re-educate and strengthen muscles, increase static and dynamic endurance and increase bone density.

A CPT (Certified Personal Trainer) is available daily to help you as you need.

  • HUR Smart Card equipment that tracks individual progress
  • Cardiovascular Equipment; Nu-Step, Treadmill, Cycling Bicycle 
  • Weighted Dumbbells / Kettlebells
  • Resistance Bands
  • Yoga Mats
  • And much more

If you do not reside at Episcopal Homes of Minnesota, and you are 55+; check out our Area Community Program Guide for information on how to belong to our Speciality Wellness Center.


All Life+ programming is funded entirely by the generosity of donors to Episcopal Homes Foundation.

In the words of Walter M. Bortz, II, MD, “Longevity is neither an accident nor an isolated phenomenon. It is a product of specific healthy behaviors, a direct consequence of health maintenance.”

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Bethany Burns