About Life+

Guidance and support for lifelong living

Life+ Mission: To create an environment that recognizes, respects and responds to the rich potential available while aging. Also, to promote the pursuit of living well in all areas of our life, for all who live and work at Episcopal Homes of Minnesota. 12096017_744171095688073_5916193458373768660_nTai-Chi at Episcopal Homes of Minnesota (in Atrium)

Seven Dimensions of our Life+ Wellness program include:

Social – Contributing to one’s environment and community, monthly themes to provide social interaction. 

Emotional – Recognizes awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings.

Intellectual – Educational opportunities, health and wellness topics, culinary arts training.

Spiritual – Search for meaning and purpose, explore the role of spirituality in the members’ lives, health and overall well-being: “Ageless Spirit”.

Physical – Cutting edge program encompassing latest research to provide a fun, holistic exercise experience such as Tai-Chi with brain challenging movements, meditative relation to exercise mind, body and spirit.

Vocational – Making use of members’ skills, gifts, and talents, magnify the image of older people as a social, economic and spirited force.

Environmental – International Council on Aging Website

Our Specialty Wellness Center has a lot to offer older adults. Make sure to check out our specific pages on our website to learn more!

All Life+ programming is funded entirely by the generosity of donors to Episcopal Homes Foundation.
Episcopal Homes is a member of the International Council on Active Aging. The ICAA Integrated Wellness Model is the foundation of our wellness program. “We believe that everyone can live their optimum life while facing the challenges of again.”

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Bethany Burns