We provide care that closely mirrors the experience of living at home with family caregivers. Our model of care is a welcome replacement for the traditional nursing home!

In many nursing homes, a very important element has disappeared from the culture: HOME. We believe that our seniors deserve a life that is as close to home as possible. Our unique Household model of care creates “HOME” where residents experience joy, dignity, and comfort in their daily living.

Old Institutional Way Our Way
Long hallways, semi-private rooms, central dining. Small groups of residents, all with private rooms, in Households with their own kitchens, dining rooms, fireplace living rooms and homey furnishings.
Everyone eats the same meals at the same time. Residents eat what they want, when they want. Just like at home.
Everyone is awakened at the same time. Residents wake up when they want to. Just like at home.
Low staff-to-resident ratios. Impressive staffing ratios by the Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services.
Rotating staff, often supplemented with outside personnel from nursing pools. Consistent staffing. No outside help from nursing pools. Residents and staff become family.
Staff plans daily resident activities. Community Circles of residents and staff direct their life in each Household.

Communities that offer Long-Term Care:

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