Life+ Warm Water Therapy Pool


Water Aerobics in Water Therapy Pool. When we exercise in water, strain on the body is decreased. Water’s natural buoyancy supplies resistance, supports the body and reduces the stress placed on our joints.

We offer the following classes:

  1. Moderate Intensity
  2. Water Walker
  3. Slow Flow (incorporates yoga) and Arthritis Foundation

[child classes offered in partnership with AMI Swim School, available to the public]

Benefits to you Pool Information
Improved Circulatory Function

Reduced Stress & Fatigue

Increased Muscular Strength

Improved Range of Motion

Enhanced Balance and Coordination

Decreased Pain

Help Improve Sleep

Arthritis Relief

92 Degrees

Lift Chair

Therapeutic Jets

Private Showers W Changing Rooms

Water Depths from 3.6 to 4.6 feet

Open Swim Offered

1:1 programming

Certified Red Cross Lifeguards

CPR & First Aid Certified Instructors

Pool Rules:

  • Water Shoes
  • Towels
  • Swim Suit
  • Shower Prior to Entering

If you do not reside at Episcopal Homes of Minnesota, and you are 55+; check out our Area Community Program Guide for information on how to belong to our Speciality Wellness Center.

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[Child classes w/ AMI Swim School]

Programming is made possible, in part, by the following partnerships:

With a rapidly aging population – by 2050 nearly 17% of people worldwide will be over 65 – while one in five Americans is projected to be age 65-plus and at least 40,000 will be 100 or beyond – longevity is on the minds of many.

Life+ programming is funded by the generosity of donors to Episcopal Homes Foundation.

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Bethany Burns
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